Megan Lochte is speaking out about her controversial 2008 talk show appearance.

After a video of a post-Beijing Olympics interview she did on a Maryland-based program made waves online Friday, Ryan Lochte's sis says the offensive views she appeared to espouse weren't hers at all, and instead were intended to provoke discussion about the nature of prejudice.

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"This was not a real interview, and it in no way reflects my true feelings or persona whatsoever," Locthe tells Us Weekly in a statement. "The intent was to make fun of the ignorance of people who actually do not have an understanding of other cultures and speak in racist ways."

"The skit and my character were supposed to be making fun of ignorance," the Multicultural Marketing major continues -- not "any culture or class of people."

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"I do see how it was highly offensive to the viewer, but as seen by today's widespread outrage, it clearly did increase awareness of the ignorance of those who are racist," Lochte asserts. Still, she says she realizes people may still find the humor in poor taste.

"While the intent of the script was to shed light on cultural ignorance," Lochte says, "I realize that in application it did offend people, and for that I apologize."

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