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Mel Gibson has repeatedly denied rumors that he's planning to wed girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, who gave birth to their daughter, Lucia, last Friday. But she seems pretty open to the idea of heading down the aisle.

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"Yes," the Russian musician, 39, tells Glamour UK (via People magazine) when asked if she wants to become the next Mrs. Gibson (once his mega-costly divorce from wife-of-nearly-30-years Robyn is finalized, of course). "But right now we're just so happy to be having this child together."

That's a change from September, when she told a British morning show, "Actually, we have no plans to marry whatsoever. I haven't thought about it -- we haven't spoken about it."

Last week, the National Enquirer claimed that Gibson, 53, was suffering from a severe case of cold tootsies over their supposed knot-tying plans.

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"Mel felt he had no choice but to put the brakes on the wedding -- and he's rethinking the relationship," alleged a source. "Mel and Oksana are still together -- but barely."

Not so, insisted the beleaguered Oscar winner's rep, who called the story "total BS."

Hitched or not, the pair is joined in parenting duties for Lucia, and even though Grigorieva's sit-down with Glamour took place before the stork's delivery, she already had full confidence in Gibson's child-rearing abilities.

"Mel is fantastic with kids," gushes Oksana, who also has a 12-year-old son with former 007 Timothy Dalton. "He's got seven of his own already, so he understands the dynamic of parenthood very well ... He's a big kid himself, really -- a real practical joker."

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As for what drew her to "Mr. Gibson," as she calls him in the interview (it's apparently just "Mel" around the house), Oksana believes it was a case of artistic kismet after they started working together on a music project.

"The way we sparked one another creatively: it was like we were on the same page emotionally, too," she bubbles. "He really understood and loved my music and I so appreciated his direction."

It was not, however, an instant love connection.

"I'm sure it happens," she shrugs, "but with Mr. Gibson it was more the sparking of two creative minds."

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