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Mena Suvari is happy.

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So said the actress on Tuesday during an exclusive chat with Wonderwall in Santa Monica, Calif., where she was helping designer Tracy Reese toast the debut of a new picnic line with winemaker Clos du Bois. Despite a recent divorce from concert promoter Simone Sestito, Suvari said she's moving forward with a smile on her face and a focus on her work.

"I am really open to anything, but right now is just a time for me to really focus on my career and stuff like that," said the 32-year-old actress, who filed for divorce in January after 18 months of marriage, "and really just focus on being happy at this point in my life."

Part of that happiness is coming from Suvari's admitted maturation, which has allowed her to embrace the "diversity" of her personality. "I was the type of person who tried on so many different hats thinking I had to be one way or the other, and I realized recently that I'm finally really happy and really proud of how diverse I am, that I can indulge in different things, whether it's the kind of music I like or the kind of fashion I'm into," she said, referencing her eclectic taste in music from Chopin to Dr. Dre. "I always found myself thinking that 'Well, maybe I have to be more like this person or like that person,' and now I'm like, 'You know what? I am sorta just like a freaky wonder,' and I'm excited about that!"

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She's also stoked about the new installment of the "American Pie" franchise, titled "American Reunion." The flick is due in theaters on April 6 and reunites the entire cast, who turned famous overnight when the first film was released in July 1999 and became an instant pop culture classic.

"I feel like there is such magic around that movie because of the fact that they got everyone back together again and were able to juggle everyone's schedules. I was really happy and excited to see where my character would be at, what point of her life," Suvari said.

In addition to promoting the "Pie" franchise, Suvari will soon head to work on a comedy pilot for NBC alongside Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Wright. But up first is a guest spot/hot seat on E!'s "Fashion Police" on Friday night. "It was fun as hell!" she laughed. "They were so sweet, and I got to make fun of myself and some of the dresses I've worn over the years, and that was so fun."

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