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Michael Buble has shocked fans by revealing he has been "prone to violence" since childhood and often struggles to control his temper.

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The Canadian crooner has opened up about his dark side in a new interview, admitting he has been battling anger issues for many years.

He tells Britain's Event magazine, "I think I'm a kind, generous, gentle soul who's an egotistical, hard f---ing a--hole. ... I was prone to violence as a kid, and I'll tell you now, I'm not a big man -- I'm about 5 foot 10 inches and weigh about 160 pounds -- but I could do it again, and probably will. And shouldn't and have every reason not to and everything to lose -- but probably will do it again."

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The singer adds, "I just don't have a filter. I just don't It makes me angry to even think about diverting myself from something that I need to say."