According to the UK's The Sun, The King of Pop is suffering from a serious skin infection - what certain tabloids are calling a "flesh-eating virus" - that has attacked his face and hands, and is possibly spreading through the rest of his body. He will most likely need continued serious surgeries to save his facial skin.

The "superbug" is rumored to be a severe staph infection or possibly MRSA, a strain of staph infection that's resistant to most antibiotics and is potentially fatal. The 50-year-old singer is allegedly being treated via IV drip at a Beverly Hills, Calif., medical office. A source told The Sun that the bug may be a result of yet another recent plastic reconstructive surgery performed on Jackson's nose.

On a more hopeful note, Jackson fans may have a new album that includes contributions from Will.I.Am and Ne-Yo to look forward to in July 2009, and possibly even a Thriller musical.