Courtesy of Radar Online / . 1 / 7
Courtesy of Radar Online / . 1 / 7

By Dana Flax

Sorry, ladies! Michael Lohan is reportedly off the market.

According to Radar Online, Lohan has begun dating former bro-dawg Jon Gosselin's former flame Kate Major.

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(To recap, Major quit her job at Star to be with Jon and subsequently got dumped for Hailey Glassman.)

Radar was just, you know, hanging out at a mall in Huntington Station, N.Y. when they snapped a picture of the pair as they shopped for press, I mean, rings.

"They went to a couple of shops in the mall, including a jeweler, where she left with a couple of huge sparklers on her fingers," said an onlooker. "However, she wasn't sporting anything on the engagement finger just yet!"

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Because these two are all about discretion, surely.

Though Lohan calls Major a "close friend," the two apparently made big purchases together (a diamond ring and a BMW X5) and made out all over the mall's California Pizza Kitchen.

"Everyone was left in no doubt Michael and Kate are a couple," the source added.

Major, at 26, is only three years older than Lohan's daughter Lindsay. The pair also reportedly got matching tattoos to ring in the New Year.

All hail true love!

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