Following a hot tip from the entire international news media, a South Carolina law man is seeking drug charges against Michael Phelps.

According to, Phelps could actually face criminal charges following the release of this week's infamous photo depicting the swimming champ smoking pot from a bong.

A sheriff in Columbia, South Carolina, where the alleged incident took place, has released a statement saying that an investigation is under way, and charges could be forthcoming.

"If someone breaks the law in Richland County, we have an obligation as law enforcement to investigate and to bring charges," said the sheriff, who takes his job super-seriously. "The Richland County Sheriff's Department is making an effort to determine if Mr. Phelps broke the law. If he did, he will be charged in the same manner as anyone else."

We imagine that this dedicated team of law enforcement officials has long made it a priority to hunt down and punish pot smoking celebrities, but their case had gone cold until News of the World published the infamous photos that were picked up by news agencies across the globe.

If the Columbus law enforcement is this serious about bringing people who have been photographed smoking pot to justice, might we suggest doing some undercover investigation on a little site called Facebook?