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A gift perfect for her growing family! In honor of her 30th wedding anniversary, "19 Kids and Counting" star Michelle Duggar recently revealed the most memorable gift she and husband Jim Bob received for their 1984 nuptials. 

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"Wow, I had so many wonderful gifts from that special day. There are quite a few that come to mind, but there's one in particular that my family and I really appreciated and use to this day," the 47-year-old replied to a fan on her TLC blog.

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"When Jim Bob and I were setting up our home, we had a beautiful wood table that folded out so that you could add leaves and make it really big. We found it used and just loved it. Of course, when we were first married, we kept it folded down because there were just two chairs and the two of us at the time," she continued. "So as a surprise, a sweet elderly couple that lived near us arranged to make us something really special for the table. They were like our adopted grandparents and they lived three doors down from our first honeymoon cottage."

The gift the couple received was a handmade crochet tablecloth, an item that would come in handy once they began to expand their now famous family.

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"The best part was that they made it big enough to fit the table when it was fully expanded with all the leaves in place. When they presented it to me, I just cried," Duggar wrote. "I had dreamed of the day we could expand the table to its fullest and see a big family around it."

"That tablecloth has been a special keepsake all these years," she added, "and I have used it over and over."

The couple said "I do" in the hallway of a church because it was still being built, Michelle noted in a previous blog post. They had a "sweet and simple" wedding, and Michelle even made her own bouquet and cake.

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The Duggar children wished their parents a happy 30th via their official Instagram account this month. "Happy 30th anniversary to the most amazing parents ever!" the kids wrote, along with a throwback picture collage of the duo on their wedding day. "More in love today than ever! And such a great example for all of us kids!"