First Lady Michelle Obama threw on a pair of brown gloves and helped plant the first fruit and vegetable seeds Thursday in the new White House garden.

Among the crops planted: lettuce, herbs - including dill, oregano and rosemary - onions, shallots, cucumbers, peppers and peas.

Twenty-five students from Washington's Bancroft Elementary School helped her plant.

"One thing I want to let you know -- I don't know if you were paying attention, but the President and I, we went on this long trip. We were in many, many countries -- we were in Europe. And the number one question I got as the First Lady from world leaders -- they were all excited about this garden," she said.

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"Every single person, from Prince Charles on down, they were excited about the fact that we were planting a garden, because in many countries they really believe in the importance of planting and growing your own food. So they were fascinated and grateful to all of you for helping make this possible."

She then asked the students to guess the cost of the garden. After one guessed "over $100,000," she said President Barack Obama would "go crazy" if it cost that much.

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The garden "hasn't cost us more than $200" and would yield "a ton of stuff," she finally told them.

Asked when the much anticipated White House dog would arrival, the first lady said, "Soon ... so soon."