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So, uh, Mickey Rourke…

We're not exactly sure what to make of the actor's latest look, but it's worth checking out. After leaving lunch in Los Angeles, Mickey was spotted with hair that looked like he got into a tangle with a rabid lion carrying a bottle of hair dye, a blowdryer and a pair of dull scissors … and Mickey lost the fight.

Think: Donald Trump but with longer, dirtier and more unkempt hair.

The "The Wrestler" star even rocked oversized glasses and an unremarkable hoodie to further focus attention on his hairdo.

Mickey is always one to change up his look. Just last month, he was spotted in Los Angeles with a bandage over his nose, leading most to believe that he had plastic surgery.

In May, the New York Post even dubbed him "the man of a thousand faces" due to all of his work.

At the time a friend said, "He's having bone taken from his hip grafted onto the roof of his mouth so that he can get new teeth implants."

The source continued, "Doctors are also taking bone from one of his ribs and using it to rebuild his nose."

We also once saw Mickey with silver hair and a glorious spray tan on a day that wasn't Halloween.

Mickey Rourke: so bad of a fashionista that he may actually be the best modern day fashionista … in a we-can't-stop-looking kind of way.