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"It's too cliché. There's no way I'm in love." Those deep thoughts, borrowed from an equally deep Cheetah Girls song, were tweeted by Miley Cyrus on Thursday, just two days after she was spotted snuggling up to her "Last Song" co-star Liam Hemsworth during a night out in Los Angeles.

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According to E! News, the popster, 16, and the Australian actor, 18, looked "lovey-dovey" while dining at Katsuya following the popster's sold-out concert at the Staples Center.

Hemsworth attended the show, and Miley, showing a mastery of synergy far beyond her years, dropped anvils on the crowd as she introduced a ditty from their forthcoming flick and hinted how life can sometimes imitate art, all while snippets from their tonsil hockey scenes played behind her.

Word is, the pair, who recently stepped out for a movie together, have been coupled up for more than three months, which would explain their caught-on-camera makeout session at the Nashville airport on Aug. 19.

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And Cyrus, who has repeatedly insisted she's "carefree" and single, must feel like sharing the love, because Radar Online says she picked up the tab for the post-concert dinner at Katsuya.

And it wasn't a small affair. She treated 100 of her nearest and dearest, buying out the restaurant to ensure total privacy and "dancing almost the whole night."

Privacy is apparently becoming a growing concern for Miley, who on Monday launched a spelling-deficient rant against the shutterbugs who constantly shadow her.

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"Being a paparatzi [sic] is the most DISGUISTING job imaginable," she huffed. "Being followed around by creepy photographers is NOT in the job description!"

That same day, Cyrus was snapped flashing her pearly whites for photographers while out with a pal. Her explanation?

"There's nothing I can do about it," she sighed, "so I might as well smile."

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