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Apparently everyone except Mindy Kaling was upset by her Elle cover. The "Mindy Project" star appeared "The Late Show with David Letterman" on Jan. 9, and defended her new magazine photo against her so-called supporters.

"I was for the first time on the cover of a fashion magazine, which is such an awesome, nice thing," Kaling, 34, told host David Letterman of the controversy. "I saw the cover. ... I thought I look so beautiful. I thought, 'Wow, I've never looked better.' I feel like I look like a movie star on it."

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Those feelings, however, were not shared by her fans and Elle magazine readers.

"There was a weird reaction which was, 'Does Elle magazine think Mindy's not skinny enough to show her whole body like standing up from head to toe?'" Kaling explained. "The sort of implication, what they kept saying was like, 'What Elle, you can't put her big fat body on the magazine? Why because she's just fat and gruesome? Why shouldn't we look at her beautiful fat body?'"

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"And I was like, 'Okay, people who are trying to defend me,'" the actress quipped. "I just feel like they're kind of insulting me!"

Kaling was one of four women featured on the cover of Elle's "Women in TV issue." Her cover photo, however, was the only headshot rather than almost-full body image used.

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But the "Office" alumna said she couldn't be more pleased with how her cover turned out.

"It's black and white. It looks like I died at my most beautiful," she joked. "It looks like this is a dead person that they're like, 'How could we have taken her away at so young. If only a million dollars for another second with this ..."


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