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Minnie mad. Minnie Driver announced Wednesday, April 9, that she is quitting Twitter temporarily after people posted "mean" comments about her bikini body, which was on display in recent vacation shots of the star.

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"God some people are horrible," the "About a Boy" star tweeted to her 81,000-plus followers. "You try being photographed when you don't know it's happening, when you're on holiday with your kids." The actress was photographed in Miami with her 5-year-old son Henry, playing in the pool and walking across the beach in a pretty printed bikini.

At 44, the British star looked stunning in the swimsuit, baring her toned physique and six-pack. Despite her impressive physique, some critics still directed negative, body-bullying comments towards the Oscar nominee.

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"I'm out of this Twittersphere for a while," Driver tweeted in response. "It's too mean sometimes, about your body , about your soul. Not worth it."

Before Driver experienced the negative side of the social media platform, ABC News published an interview with the actress gushing about Twitter -- the same day she announced her hiatus.

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"I'm mad about it!" she said of Twitter. "It's where I get my news from these days."

"As a celebrity, it's having a forum where you can answer the nonsensical rubbish that is written about you or not engage with that," she added. "It's given a little bit of control back. I love it."


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