OK! Magazine is reporting that Madonna is jealous of her daughter Lourdes Leon's youthful beauty.

According to OK!, the source claims Madonna feels like she's "in competition" with her little girl for the spotlight...and for men. Say what?

"I think Madonna can't stand that Lourdes is growing into a beautiful teen," says the source. "She seems envious of her youth and looks. She knows Lourdes is going to be gorgeous and will get the attention of the opposite sex. Knowing Madonna's taste for younger guys, it's a matter of course that they'll be dating men the same age. It's disturbing.'

What's disturbing to us is insinuating that Madonna's current (Jesus Luz, 22), past (Alex Rodriguez, 33) or future (?) boyfriends would be using a reigning international sex symbol to get closer to a 12-year-old girl. Gross.

Anyway, the mysterious source also claims that Madonna refused to allow Lourdes to get her brows shaped or to have a hairdresser, all in the hopes of keeping her daughter in a permanent state of childhood innocence.

"That was a battle Madonna eventually gave in to," the source says. "Lourdes recently had them shaped ... but [Madonna] probably didn't want her daughter to look better than her."

Again, this really seems to be stretching it. Madonna's notoriously protective of her kids - she doesn't even let them watch TV or read magazines, so it would seem to follow that she wants to keep Lourdes's little head clear of all the stigmatizing images of beauty and body scrutiny that likely led to her own obsessive-compulsive exercising and other "self-rejuvenating" behaviors.

She may never be Mother of the Year, but we say give the Material Girl a break on this one.