Name: Ted Gibson

Occupation: Celebrity hairstylist; TV personality

Teen Spirit: The What Not to Wear star -- who has lived in NYC for the past 15 years -- calls his style "understated chic," but he's not afraid to take a few risks. "I'll wear a silver or green pair of shoes and a pink belt. I did that when I was a teenager, but I'm in my 40s now and I feel a lot more comfortable about who I am."

What Clicks: "I kind of love to online shop," says Gibson, who styles the hair of head-turners Anne Hathaway and Ashley Greene. " is my favorite. I have big shoulders, a big chest, a small waist, big legs and a big butt, so sometimes I have my suits made by Sanford Bryant."

Formal Fan: "I have three tuxedos in my closet, and Tom Ford was the one I splurged on. I wanted to have a wider lapel and more of a streamlined look from my other two. I bought a pink fuchsia bow-tie and a pink fuchsia pocket square. Pink is my favorite color!" says Gibson. "And I just bought some black wingtip shoes from Prada. I love, love, love those."

It's All in the Wrist: Gibson's most treasured object is a Cartier Love bracelet, a gift from his husband and co-owner of the Ted Gibson Salon, Jason Backe. "I've been married for 16 years. Jason is the love of my life and I look at this bracelet every single day. I love that it represents our relationship and our foundation."

Quote: "The best fashion advice I've gotten? Whatever I feel really good in, buy more of it!"

This article originally appeared on Most Stylish New Yorkers 2012: Ted Gibson