Name: Tyson Chandler

Occupation: Center for the New York Knicks; Olympic Gold Medalist

Beware of Heights: For the California-born hoops star -- who moved to Manhattan a year ago -- fashion can be frustrating. "Some looks just don't work for a 7-foot guy! I can't wear, let's say, loud, checkered pants. I can't wear big, bold prints because it's too much material and doesn't look good," says the dad of three, 29. "But some designers like Rick Owens and Alexander Wang make my length." Phew.

Pin-terest: "I love brooches. They give such a different look to my outfits. It makes a statement. You can wear something so plain and put on a brooch and it brings it all together," says Chandler, who calls his style "edgy but business savvy." And his wardrobe picks depend on where his NBA games bring him: "Sometimes I'm in a suit, other times I'll be in a blazer with drop crotch pants. Sometimes I'll just wear a button down and jeans. It varies depending on which city I'm in."

Happy Wife, Happy Life: Chandler's outfits require the approval of his über-stylish wife, Kimberly. "She's my mirror. I don't have to look in a mirror when she's home! I run all my outfits by her before I leave the house. I'll walk out and I just know by her expression if it's a good outfit or not," says the 2012 Defensive Player of the Year.

Quote: "I've always been interested in fashion but New York definitely heightened it. I walk around the city a lot and take pictures. It always depends on the vibe, but New York definitely influences my outfits."

This article originally appeared on Most Stylish New Yorkers 2012: Tyson Chandler