Nashville's Avery Barkley has a big decision to make.

Whisked off to Atlanta on a private jet courtesy of high-powered record exec Dominic King (guest star Wyclef Jean) on the Dec. 5 episode, Avery (Jonathan Jackson) indulges in free drinks and the lavish amenities during their flight before Dominic drops a major bombshell.

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During their flight, Avery is presented with an offer that requires careful consideration: Ditch his band and sign with Dominic's label -- as a solo act.

"I'm really serious about working with you -- just you," Dominic says in this exclusive preview clip, as he and Avery fly from Tennessee to Georgia to work together. "We'll build you up and you can get another set of guys."

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Avery is clearly stunned by the offer, as is his female companion. "Don't kill your career before it starts," she advises.

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Watch the clip above for more on Avery's career plans before Nashville airs Wednesday at 10 p.m (EST) on ABC.

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