Erik Kabik / Retna Digital 1 / 4
Erik Kabik / Retna Digital 1 / 4

By Molly McGonigle

If you are heartbroken that "Unwritten" won't be played every Tuesday night on "The Hills," have no fear. Natasha Bedingfield is back in action with a new record in hand. Bedingfield talks with us about her new album, her partnership with Hotel Indigo and who she's dying to collaborate with.

Wonderwall: Tell us about the Locals Know Best Contest

Natasha Bedingfield: I'm involved in this amazing contest that Hotel Indigo is putting on. And basically all you have to do is go to for your chance to win tickets to come see me perform live in New York and to have your face in People Magazine. The only thing that's required to join the contest to submit a story about your favorite place. and the reason this contest is happening is that Hotel Indigo and myself and very interested in finding out from the locals about what are their favorite neighborhood spots.

WW: What's your favorite city in the world? And why do you love it?

NB: My favorite city is London. That's where I was brought up. I love that you can jump on any kind of public transport and get anywhere. And they have fantastic restaurants and clubs.

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WW: What's your tip that people should do when in London?

NB: London is just all about having fun and getting out there and meeting people. I love Covant Garden. Which is this amazing, old square. And they have lots of shops and restaurants and it's a very fun place. And they always street performers and it's always lots of fun.

WW: How are the finishing touches on your album going?

NB: I actually just about finished and it's coming out in the Fall.

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WW: What can we expect with the next album?

NB: It's just gonna be the next level from what I've already done. I think I've taken it to another place. It's just more vibrant and exciting. And I can't wait for people to hear it.

WW: Is there anyone you really want to collaborate with?

NB: I would love to collaborate with Missy Elliot. I haven't even met her but I'm a huge fan. I would do anything to work with her.

WW: Is there anything else you want people to know about Locals Know Best?

NB: It's a contest that's open for anyone all over America. Its great. Hotel Indigo really wants people to feel with the hotel experience. Like they're actually surrounded and getting a sense of the culture. And I like that, as a visitor, I really like that to be able to see the city and give me an amazing experience.