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By Alex Blagg

Rumors of financial woe have been circulating Nicolas Cage for some time now (poor guy even had to sell one of his castles!), but according to the latest reports, the tax man is finally going after his fair share of the star's fortune.

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E! Online is reporting that the IRS is seeking damages on unpaid income taxes by placing a lien in excess of $6 million against Cage's property in New Orleans.

According to reports this summer, the IRS has also obtained a second lien for more than $360,000 over additional unpaid taxes on income Cage earned between 2002 and 2004.

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Despite a steady flow of highly-paid acting work, the actor has recently been trying to liquidate a number of his property assets in an effort to keep Uncle Sam at bay.

But in this real estate market, we might be seeing "National Treasure" sequels for as long as it takes Cage to cough up his own.

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