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She chose to leave "The Bachelor" to pursue her career, but Ali promises to stick around and find a suitor on an all-new "Bachelorette," saying she quit her job to find love!

"Today was my last day," Ali says of her Facebook gig that took her away from Jake Pavelka.

Even so, the newly-announced "Bachelorette" revealed she's still career focused on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"I did leave the company to meet my dream guy," she told the late night talker, "but I'm going to fight to get my job back once this is over."

She's proving to be a true independent woman who goes after what she wants! The brazen blonde suggested there should be 50 men to pick from this season, instead of the usual 25 -- and she got it!

Ali also revealed that "gorgeous" Jake was so pretty he made her intimidated. "I'm looking for a guy who can keep me interested in what he says and not how he looks," she said.

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