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By Jennifer Odell

New files from the Department of Justice offer more insight into the financial problems that plagued Anna Nicole Smith during her final days, as well as her tenuous grasp on reality, the AP reports.

In a 1996 bankruptcy filing, an examiner notes that Smith "did not know why she was in bankruptcy."

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Meanwhile, her assets included such non-essentials as a Russian lynx coat worth $43,343.75, six pot-bellied pigs and a doll collection estimated to be worth $12,000, according to the report.

The Chapter 11 claim was filed after Smith's husband, J. Howard Marshall died in 1995. Marshall left behind a billion-dollar fortune that led to a highly publicized court battle between Smith and Marshall's blood relatives. After Smith died in February 2007 from an overdose of multiple medications in Florida, that battle for Marshall's assets raged on.

In addition to detailing her ignorance or confusion about the bankruptcy, the new files state that Smith "lost" $2.7 million in jewelry, though no information is given as to whether the items -- including one ring and one platinum necklace, both dripping with diamonds and valued at half a million dollars each -- were misplaced or stolen.

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The report goes on to claim that Smith seemed to be drugged during the writer's meeting with her, and that she took even more pills before the evaluator left her home, according to the AP.

Smith is described as barely being able to walk and having slurred speech during the meeting. The report adds that "she had to lay down in a darkened room as the light bothered her and she could not remember what she said from one moment to the next."

In December, Smith's ex-boyfriend and attorney Howard K. Stern, and two of her doctors pled not guilty to charges that they conspired to provide her with illegal opiates and sedatives before she died.

No comment has yet been issued to from Ron Rale, Smith's personal attorney at the time of the bankruptcy filing.

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