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Nicholas Brendon, the former "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" star, has checked into a treatment center for depression.

It's another bump in the road for the troubled actor, but he's hoping that this time a significant and necessary change will occur in his life.

"Well my beautiful people I'm off to florida for 90 days of trearment [sic]," he wrote on his Facebook page. "I love you all so much and I truly do appreciate all of your love and support. We're going to beat this." His hashtags also indicated that he is determined to beat his depression.

In February, the actor was arrested for trashing a Florida hotel room and refusing to pay his tab. In March, he was arrested on charges of property damage and criminal mischief after allegedly damaging another hotel room. Earlier this month he was again arrested, this time in upstate New York after a fight with his girlfriend.

After the alleged first hotel trashing, his rep said, "Nicholas is, unfortunately, battling a disease that many of us don't understand. We are working with him to improve upon that situation at hand and look toward the future."

Nicholas has owned up to his own extreme behavior, too. Following his second arrest this year, he told a local Florida newspaper, "I've been dealing with depression for a while. I stopped taking my meds a while ago, which was a mistake."

He continued, "It's up to me to take care of me seeing my doctor again and getting back on the proper medicine and not cheating myself... I hate this. I hate the way I feel right now. I hate how I've come off. This isn't who I am."

This is Nicholas' second rehab stint this year. This summer he checked himself into rehab after smashing a woman's apartment window out with his bare hands.

Hopefully he's on the verge of getting the help he clearly needs.