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By Melissa Hunter

Move over Obama. Sorry 'bout it, Palin. We got a hot, young presidential candidate that would wipe the floor with any contender: Nick Jonas. Well, that is, once his millions of fans are old enough to vote.

The Daily Fill reports that the youngest Jonas, who recently spoke to Congress regarding juvenile diabetes, appeared on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" and talked about his goal to raise awareness of the disease as well as his political aspirations.

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CNN White House Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux asked Nick why he was on the show and he said, "I'm here to basically raise awareness and encourage people to continue to do what they can to raise awareness as well in their own circle and on a broader scale ... we're hoping for a cure one day, and that's what the main goal is."

Malveaux asked what his thoughts were on the current health care debate, and he said, "I have been watching a little bit, but I choose to stay out of that and keep my opinion on that kind of thing to myself."

Well played, Little Jo. Question averted like a true politician. Or a true Disney-programmed star. I think he had the same response to the question, "What do you think of the latest season of Hannah Montana? Don't you think Miley's so hot?"

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Malveaux then got right down to the question at hand, "You're the youngest of [your brothers], but they call you 'the president' because they say you are the leader. Political future, perhaps, for you?"

He replied, "I've always said that I would like to be president -- it's kind of my whole thing. Maybe 2040 ... starting the campaign now."

While there are many a joke to be made about a boy band phenom saying he wants to be president, I'm not gonna lie, I think the kid's got a good shot at it. At 16, he's already internationally known and loved; he's innocent and precious as all hell, I mean heaven. And the way he already is artful in crafting his statements and speaks eloquently about good causes, imagine what he can do when he grows chest hair!

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And if Arnold could be the Governator, who's to say that Nick Jonas can't be the Presidorable in Chief? OK, maybe not the best nickname, but surely his marketing team can craft a better tag line. They do have 30 years to get things moving, after all. There is one little hitch that may get in his way: First Lady Miley.