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Nick Lachey has fully embraced the role of father-to-be. While his wife, Vanessa, has been pregnant with the couple's first child, Nick says he's been totally doting on her to keep her comfortable until she gives birth next month.

"Foot massages are kind of a must as a husband," he says. "There's been plenty of those. I'm doing a few more errands than I used to and rubbing a few more feet than I used to, but she's been a trouper. She's been great."

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Life's been pretty great to Lachey in the past few months. He's proving his mettle in the military-style competition "Stars Earn Stripes" and has gotten the band back together for a 98 Degrees reunion, but nothing has him more stoked than impending fatherhood.

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"I'm more excited than anything," the pop singer/reality star/television host says. "I don't think that as first-time parents you can ever truly grasp what's about to happen to us, but I think we're beyond excited for whatever those challenges are. We'll take them on and be the best parents we can be. So 'excitement' is definitely the key word when talking about the pregnancy."

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Lachey admits the prospect of parenthood has caused him to reevaluate his priorities. "When you're about to have a kid, it changes the way that you feel about life, and it changes the way that you feel about protecting your own and protecting your family," he says.

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Lachey reports that the couple's pregnancy experience has been without any speed bumps thus far. "Everything is wonderful," he says. "We've had a very smooth pregnancy, and everything looks great -- so far so good."

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Now, he admits, all that's left is waiting for the baby to make his debut -- they even already know his name. "I will not divulge that name, but we do have a name," he laughs.