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After admitting she's used cocaine and marijuana, British celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has found herself unable to return to the United States.

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The Daily Mail reports that Lawson was attempting to board a Los Angeles plane in London's Heathrow Airport Saturday when she was told that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security had banned her from entering the country.

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The block is a result of Lawson's revelation in court last year that she has used cocaine and marijuana, according to the report. The drug use admission came as Lawson faced two former assistants who worked for her and her husband, Charles Saatchi. Lawson and Saatchi accused the women of fraudulent behavior involving the couple's credit cards and other finances. The assistants countered that Lawson was doing cocaine regularly and were allowed to spend Lawson's money if they kept quiet about the drug use.

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Lawson eventually admitted to having used both cocaine and marijuana, although she was not convicted of criminal activity for the drug use.

According to the Mail, Lawson's ban likely stems from the requirement that potential visitors the U.S. confirm they have not been arrested or convicted of a felony, including drug use, in the process of registering to enter the country. The U.S. may still opt to block those who have used drugs, whether or not they've been convicted, according to the report. Lawson can apply to have the ban dropped.

Reps for Lawson have not yet commented.

Lawson's marriage to Saatchi made global headlines after he was photographed with his hands around her throat as they dined outside last year.