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Actress Olivia Munn has dislocated her shoulder after flying off a swing.

The "Iron Man 2" star was swooping back and forth on the hanging seat when it suddenly snapped and she slammed into the floor.

Munn took to her Twitter page to share a clip of the accident, writing, "Goin really high then it broke mid-swing. Bad news - dislocated my shoulder. Good news - I laughed and we got it on video."

In the clip, Munn can be seen giggling as a pal pushes her on the swing but after she crashes, she moans in pain and says, "Oh f---! I wanna laugh but...

She added, "THANK U for all the well wishes. SwingGate2013 happened last wk so Im pretty healed up & ready to perform the same stunt @ bday parties. ;)"