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Breaking hearts and breaking records. One Direction may be taking a hiatus, but it's been announced that they are about to be the proud owners of six Guinness World Records!

When it becomes official in 2016, the group will own the record for the most Twitter followers for a music group with more than 24 million. They also nabbed the record for the most subscribers for a band on YouTube with nearly 37 million. They're also the first group to debut at No.1 with their first four albums in the United States, with "Up All Night," "Take Me Home," "Midnight Memories" and "Four."

One D also holds the record for the "Most Popular Dance Game Track" for their song "What Makes You Beautiful," which appeared on "Just Dance 4."

The group saddened its rabid fan base after announcing their plans to take a hiatus in 2016. They claim that they will get back together, though. Simon Cowell, who created the group, is hoping that that's the case.

"I hope so, but like I said, it's not going to be because of any pressure from me," he told the Daily Mail. "It really has to be, like we said in the beginning, this is an opportunity, you won it, and I've always had that attitude with them. They're nice guys and they're loyal so it'll be fine."

Simon said the boys were even overwhelmed by their massive success. "Look, even though they're young, that is a grueling schedule and after a while I could see they were exhausted, so when they said, 'How do you feel about it?' I said, 'Do whatever you want.' Having a year off is going to be a healthy thing."