Everett Collection / Rex USA 1 / 10
Everett Collection / Rex USA 1 / 10

Patrick Schwarzenegger had a bit of road rage last week, but it seems his car was actually the thing that suffered most.

The famous son of Hollywood royalty, Patrick was in California's San Fernando Valley when someone pulled up next to him, threw a bottle of water on Patrick's car and scurried off. Naturally, this didn't sit well with Miley Cyrus's boyfriend.

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According to TMZ, Patrick started chasing the driver who, during the chase, pulled a U-turn and hit Patrick's ride. Similar to the water-tossing incident, the guy fled the scene.

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The damage to Patrick's car was apparently minor and he didn't suffer any injuries.

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Following the collision, Patrick met up with his girlfriend for lunch and reported the accident to the police. Authorities have opened an assault with a deadly weapon investigation.