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Ever since Patrick Schwarzenegger was caught getting a little close for comfort with a coed in Mexico, Miley Cyrus' Instagram feed has lit up in a strange way… Stranger than normal, at least.

The assortment of bizarre images includes a few memes, a snap of her pig and an inspirational quote. The Instagram feed highlight, though, is clearly the shot she posted on March 16 that shows a woman with her mouth stuffed full of hot dogs. She captioned the photo, "current mood." Is this a coded message to mean that she should keep her mouth from talking (or captioning photos) in light of the scandal?

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"Don't ever let someone treat you like the yellow Starburst. You are a pink starburst," a meme she posted said.

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Patrick, Miley's boyfriend, apparently isn't exactly having the time of his life anymore in Cabo San Lucas like he was earlier in the week when he was doing body shots off of a woman he claimed was his "best friend's girlfriend."

A source told E!, "Patrick is devastated" by how the photos of himself and his gal pal are being played out in the media.

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Miley hasn't specifically commented on the images, but she put up a strong front on March 16, the day the images surfaced, as she attended a comedy show by Dane Cook in Hollywood.

"I thought she had the time of her life," Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada told E! "She was having a great time and she really enjoyed it. If she did have something going on with Patrick, you could not tell because she was laughing so hard."

Regardless of what's going on in her personal life, Miley seems to feel like the pink Starburst.