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Sir Paul McCartney had an emergency appointment with a hairdresser to dye his tresses after disastrously attempting to color his own locks with a shop-bought formula.

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The Beatles legend purchased an off-the-shelf hair coloring kit from Duane Reade pharmacy during his marriage to Heather Mills, but he made a mess of dyeing his locks in the bathroom of his home in New York's The Hamptons.

The result was so disastrous that Mills panicked and called in experts from the Guy Thomas Salon in Manhattan to repair his hair and spare the couple's embarrassment.

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Boss Guy Thomas tells the New York Daily News, "She called the salon in a very agitated way. People were making fun of the colour. He was colouring his hair on his own using a box colour from Duane Reade."

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Thomas' team began making regular trips out to McCartney's beachside home in The Hamptons to keep his tresses a nice tone, and they even developed a unique formula to match his coloring, but Thomas alleges McCartney was frequently unhappy with the hairdresser's bill.

The stylist's daughter Janelle Mercadante, who also worked on McCartney's hair, adds, "He never wanted to pay the money. There was always talk and complaints that the bill was so high. He would stop having us go to him to do the colour because it cost more money."