@paula_deen / Twitter 1 / 9
@paula_deen / Twitter 1 / 9

A racially-charged controversy is again being cooked up thanks to a photo posted by Paula Deen.

The controversial chef posted a snap of her son in brownface, an image that many believe is racially insensitive, especially given her history.

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In the Twitter photo, Paula is seen smiling as she and her son Bobby are dressed as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, stars of the legendary sitcom "I Love Lucy."

"Lucyyyyyyy! You got a lot of esplainin' to do!" the tweet read, along with the hashtag "#TransformationTuesday." The tweet has since been taken down, but not before sending social media into an uproar, with many pointing out that Bobby felt the need to darken his skin to look like the Cuban actor.

It turns out the photo was actually posted by Paula's social media manager, not even by her. "Paula immediately had this picture taken down as soon as she saw the post and apologizes to all who were offended," her rep said in statement. "As such, Paula Deen Ventures has terminated their relationship with this Social Media Manager."

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The photo was actually taken in 2011 during Paula's Halloween special, but was posted on July 7.

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The posting of the photo comes two years after Paula was fired from The Food Network after admitting she used a racial slur. Since then, she has fought to regain her personal brand. She's gonna have "a lot of esplainin' to do" to clear the air this time.