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Did you hear about Morgan?

First there was wife Kate. Then there was Deanna. Then there was Hailey. Then, supposedly, another Kate (last name: Major). And now....Morgan?

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Jon Gosselin was photographed on Tuesday strolling in Washington, D.C. with Morgan Christie, his newest girlfriend.

A source confirmed to UsMagazine.com in early January that Gosselin, 32, is dating Christie, 25. The pair met while snowboarding in Utah -- the same spot where Gosselin carried on an adulterous fling with school teacher Deanna Hummel (before moving on to Hailey Glassman).

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An insider claimed to the National Enquirer of the fledgling relationship,"Jon adores Morgan and is trying his best to keep her out of the spotlight while he tries to figure out his life."

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Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce was finalized on Dec. 18. Kate Gosselin's 2010 agenda, besides her new, $7000 hair extensions, includes an untitled TLC show slated to premiere in late spring or early summer. Her eight kids won't be involved. Instead, the reality mom, 34, will be "trying different jobs and tasks and showing how she performs in the different environments," according to entertainment site TheWrap.com.

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