Terry Richardson / Harper's Bazaar 1 / 15
Terry Richardson / Harper's Bazaar 1 / 15

They don't call them supermodels for nothing!

In the September issue of Harper's Bazaar, Miranda Kerr wears nothing but a pair of knee-high boots as she shows off her flawless figure in a stunning side-view photo taken by famed photographer Terry Richardson.

The Victoria's Secret catwalker, 29, is the mother of Flynn, her 18-month-old son with her husband, Orlando Bloom.

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"Becoming a mother has made me even more aware and more passionate about nutrition and wellness," the Australian beauty tells Harper's Bazaar.

She adds, without further explanation, "So much so that I am now a certified health coach practitioner."

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As for that totally enviable figure? The yoga enthusiast says she has "a real appreciation and passion for good health and organic living. I adopt the 80/20 rule. 80 percent good, 20 percent indulgent, and that works for me and my body personally."

But her daily regimen does have a few definite staples. "I drink warm water and lemon every morning, and I also drink lots of good-quality purified and, preferably, alkaline water throughout the day," Kerr explains. "My Nan introduced me to Noni juice when I was 12 years old, which I drink twice daily. I treat myself occasionally and don't have any guilt or conditions placed on it. Food is my friend and consistency is the key."

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Kerr also explains that she follows the Dr. Peter D'Adamo blood-type diet, which instructs followers to eat according to their blood types. "It's an eating and living guideline that understands you as a biochemical individual ... and I find it really works for me. I eat vegetables, ocean-caught fish, and small amounts of organic free-range chicken."


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