One woman's trash is another woman's … headpiece? Pitch Perfect's Hana Mae Lee made quite a fashion statement on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 14, with an art piece shaped like a burnt out cigarette resting atop her head.

"I'm not promoting smoking or not smoking at all, it's just a fun sculpture on the head," she told MTV News of her unique topper. Lee, who played mostly-silent Lilly in the a cappella-based comedy, added that she actually had a hand in designing the one-of-a-kind hat.

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"[Alain Lafaille for He-Ha] makes amazing art and we both collaborated on a fun, artistic sculpture on the head," she explained of the hat designer. "And why not a cigarette? Why not?"

The rest of her outfit was nearly as arresting as the eye-catching headpiece. The actress, who also has a fashion line and does sketch comedy, wore a textured black knee-length Marco Marco dress with spider web-like cutouts across her chest and back. She completed the eccentric look with Ferragamo lace-up heels.

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"I feel like people who really love smoking love smoking and that's fine, just don't do it in my face so I can breathe," the apparent non-smoker said. "But no, I just think cigarettes when they're smoked just look so ugly and interesting on the ground or in an ashtray. So why not wear a little cigarette on your head and beautify what sometimes is considered really ugly?"

Even without the hat, however, Lee and her fellow Pitch Perfect castmates caused a huge buzz at the awards show on Sunday night, taking home the win for Best Musical Moment for their rendition of "No Diggity."

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