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Investigators have seized bags of prescription drugs from Michael Jackson's home, family lawyer Brian Oxman has confirmed, exclusively, to Life & Style.

Police searched Michael's rented Beverly Hills home and took away "bags of material," including vials of prescription drugs. Oxman also said he was prepared to name names of doctors who prescribed drugs to Michael.

He told Life & Style, "Police seized bags of material from his house. They were looking for drug vials and syringes. I don't know if they found syringes, but there would have been a lot of drug vials."

Oxman said he would help the police investigation into Michael's death, adding, "I did warn him about the drugs, but I am sorry I didn't warn him enough."

"I am going to wait until I get the toxicology report, and if his death has something to do with drugs, I am prepared to name names of doctors who prescribed them."

He added that the Jackson family was totally devastated by Michael's death: "They couldn't even talk to one another in the hospital. It was total silence, and they were just holding one another's hands."

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