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Kim Kardashian: reality star, knockout, legal adviser. The brunette stunner is talking up the importance of protecting one's assets (no, not those assets).

Her advice: Get a prenuptial agreement, which is reportedly what her sister Khloe's newly minted taller half, Lamar Odom, just did after much back-and-forth over cash and perks.

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"I think it's important, especially if you are successful and have your own stuff," Kim tells Hollyscoop. "You just want to know what's mine is mine and yours is yours."

We're sure that's a load off the mind of the baby-craving looker's back-on NFL boyfriend, Reggie Bush.

Speaking of prenups, is Mel Gibson trying to convince stork-awaiting squeeze Oksana Grigorieva to sign one?

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That's the word from the National Enquirer, which maintains the image-dinged Oscar winner, whose not-quite-finalized divorce from wife of nearly 30 years Robin is expected to cost him hundreds of millions of dollars, has offered a sweet deal to the soon-to-be mother of his eighth child.

He supposedly proposed paying the Russian warbler $5 million a year for up to 10 years should they get hitched and then split (rumors of a Christmas wedding have been denied).

"But Oksana wants all or nothing," purports a source. "The same thing happened when she was engaged to Timothy Dalton [the father of her 12-year-old son] and she walked away ... Oksana was offended by it -- and now she's telling Mel the same thing."

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Gibson is said to be "seriously conflicted" by Oksana's ostensible refusal.

"He's such a God-fearing Catholic, he's adamant that getting married to her is the right thing to do," says the mole. "But she's stubborn. She'll give him up before she'll sign. She's done it before."

But Mel's rep pooh-poohs the prenuptial disagreement talk to Gossip Cop, explaining there's no wedding on the horizon, therefore there's no contract conflict.

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