Barker's beauties are about to get a shot of testosterone!

The Price Is Right has announced plans to hire its first-ever male model in a special talent search to be chronicled in a web series in September, writes the Hollywood Reporter.

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The final winner will be chosen by audience members, with the winning hunk to appear on the show for a weeklong stint Oct. 15. Airing on CBS since 1972, the beloved game show has long featured sexy, swimsuit-clad female models showing off the huge array of potential prizes (from new cars to fur coats) and demonstrating the show's many games in front of a live audience.

But several Price Is Right models have sued former host Bob Barker and the show for sexual harassment, racial discrimination and wrongful termination. Drew Carey took over hosting duties in 2007, and the models now use their real names -- not nicknames -- on the series.

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In 2010, two more models sued with claims of discrimination; since then, one of the cases has been dismissed.

An open casting call for male Price Is Right models will be held in Los Angeles Aug. 30.

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