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The beard heard 'round the world! Prince Harry has kept largely out of the spotlight for the past month, but he is again showing his face, and he has an extra accessory: a beard!

The royal was pictured meeting with the crew at the African Conservation Experience's Khulula Care for Wild, based in Nelspruit, on Aug. 12, 2015. He probably didn't intend to take away from the worthy cause or the adorable baby rhino, but his ginger scruff has become a global and Internet obsession.

Last June, Harry left for Africa for a three-month-long "dream job" working with conservation efforts in Namibia after completing his 10-year career in the British military. During the trip, he intended to raise awareness and curb threats to endangered species on the continent, particularly in South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana.

Harry has rocked stubble in the past, but it's still a rare thing for the baby-faced royal to sport facial hair.

People magazine reports that the beard is actually a result of the non-stop work he's doing. Martin Bornman of Care for Wild Africa says that Harry hasn't shied away from getting in the thick of the job.

"He is working actively with the anti-poaching units inside the Park," Martin said. "That is why he has got the beard and everything. He had literally just come out of the bush."

He said, "What Harry seems to do, which he is really good at, is that he is very empathetic and people-focused. He wants to know a lot about the people, what they are doing and how they do it."

We just want to know how long he'll sport the scruff.

Men look better with beards. It's just science.