Royal rebel without a cause?

Prince Harry may be third in line for England's throne, but that's never stopped him from doing -- well, whatever he feels like doing. Not surprisingly, this devil-may-care attitude has landed him in hot water, time and time again.

In the wake of his latest misstep -- racy, totally nude photos from a strip pool game in Las Vegas the weekend of August 19 -- take a look back at the raucous, 27-year-old royal's most outrageous moments over the years.

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1. Scared Straight

After he copped to smoking marijuana and drinking, his disappointed dad, Prince Charles, sent the then-sixteen-year-old to the Featherstone Lodge Rehabilitation Centre in south London for a day in January 2002.

2. Nightclub Scuffle

Photographers swarmed as the redhead made his way out of a London nightclub at 3 a.m. in October 2004. After a camera accidentally hit him in the face, an enraged Harry went after one of the men surrounding him, bruising the unfortunate papparazzo's lip in the process. "In pushing the camera away, we understand that the photographer incurred a cut lip," a Clarence House spokesperson explained in a statement about the incident.

3. Not-So-Funny Costume

Prince William's younger brother donned a swastika armband for a pal's 2005 "Colonial and Native"-themed costume party in West Littleton, Wilts. After photos of his outfit emerged, people around the world were appalled by the prince's highly offensive garb. In an attempt to appease the public, the palace issued an apology on Harry's behalf. "Prince Harry has apologized for any offense or embarrassment he has caused," a Clarence House spokesperson said in a statement. "He realizes it was a poor choice of costume." (The Sun, who printed the pics of Harry on its front page, reported that Prince William, now 30, had attended the same party, opting for a much tamer costume -- he dressed as a lion.)

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4. Two Left Feet

During a wild night out in Croatia in August 2011, Harry got a little carried away as he used a pool's stone ledge as his own personal dancefloor -- and fell in. After he hit the water, Harry brushed it off and kept on groovin'.

5. What Happens in Vegas . . .

Doesn't always stay there. Harry learned this the hard way after a booze-fueled Las Vegas weekend Aug. 19 and 20, during which he was photographed, totally in the buff, after a rousing match of strip pool. "This is a mess," a source close to the Prince tells Us Weekly of the TMZ photos. "This was not the type of fun he was supposed to be having. He's in trouble." On Wednesday, a senior military source also noted that the helicopter pilot would be "reprimanded" by the army; big brother William was "not impressed" upon learning of the news, a royal insider adds.

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