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There's about to be a lot more "love" between Princess Kate and Prince William.

The royal couple is close to building a $100,000 tennis court at their country home, Anmer Hall. According to documents filed recently, the local council approved the construction of a tennis court. The surface, according to the documents, will be made of AstroTurf and bordered by copper beach hedge. New oak trees will likely be planted nearby, too.

The home currently has a tennis court but it is old and needs to be completely resurfaced.

Will and Kate are big fans of the sport, having attended Wimbledon several times, including after the birth of Princess Charlotte. They've often played the sport throughout their relationship, as well.

The new court will be situated in a slightly different position than its predecessor to provide more space around the court and to improve the views from the main house, the planning application says.

With the approval, Will and Kate now have three years to build the court.

British newspaper The Express reported that the new court is near a laburnum tree, which is known to be toxic to children if they consume enough of the tree's parts. The paper reports that the 23-foot tree is among 10 trees that William and Kate hope to remove to make way for the new tennis court.