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The prince and the prison! For his latest rescue as a helicopter pilot, Prince William went behind the the walls of a penitentiary.

According to reports, Will and his paramedic colleagues flew to the HM Highpoint Prison in Suffolk, United Kingdom to treat an inmate. Will stayed in the chopper after touching down and was guarded by several prison officers and his own security team.

The royal "looked very professional," a local resident told People magazine. "When the paramedics came out, he got out of the helicopter and strapped everyone in, making sure everyone was okay." After he was given the all-clear, Will and his team flew out.

The unexpected royal visit attracted a scene of people who gathered to see George and Charlotte's dad.

"Everyone was so excited -- the kids were so funny, trying to get closer and the guards were telling them to step back," an onlooker said. "They looked like mini-paparazzi, running around, trying to get up trees to take a photo, but William didn't take any notice. He was just getting on with his job."

The prison incident was just one of several times that Will has found himself assisting with life-threatening emergencies with the East Anglian Air Ambulance team. He's also the first member of the royal family in direct succession to the throne to take a civilian job. He's donating his entire salary to charity.