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By Dana Flax

It may not be news to many, but apparently Quentin Tarantino's a filmmaker of the fanatical control freak variety. In an interview with, uh, Interview magazine, Diane Kruger recollects (has a flashback of?) filming a certain scene in "Inglourious Basterds" where Tarantino may have gotten a little too handsy with the German born beauty. And not in the usual way people get handsy with German beauties.

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"In the actual close-up of my death scene, those are his hands," Kruger tells Interview. "It's like, 'Okay, are you trying to tell me something?'"

So, Quentin Tarantino needed to do her death-by-strangulation scene using his own hands? Freaky, but totally understandable! After all, idle hands are the devil's tools.

"Quentin gets really obsessed with these female characters!" Kruger adds. "I feel like I've never been looked at by a director in quite the way Quentin looks at me."

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Kudos, Quentin. Creepy points to you! But where was Joshua Jackson during all this? Shouldn't he have shimmied a frosted tip over to the "Inglorious" set? Once there, he could have whined all about Quentin (surely a pseudo-Dawson) ogling AND fondling the (real life version of) Joey to his (former alter ego) Pacey? You "Dawson's Creek" fans get where we're going with this, right? Right.

Surprisingly, Kruger doesn't seem all that bothered by the whole rigamarole.

"I have to say that what Quentin does best is write for women," she adds. "All the female characters in his movies are very powerful, very smart. He really wants women to come through as these fierce creatures."

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Well, Diane, some might argue that his desire to strangle a woman conflicts with female empowerment in a kind of Freudian way, but we'll let you run with it. We truly enjoyed the mental image of "Kill Bill 3" -- starring Tyra Banks! -- that just popped into our minds when you mentioned "fierce creatures."

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