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It's been said that Britney Spears changes her hair color to match her mood: blond means she's happy and brunette means she's sad. So it should be a good sign that the popster, who's currently on a three-week break from her Circus tour, spent a reported nine hours at a Los Angeles salon on Sunday swapping her matted and well-worn chocolate 'do for bright and shiny blond extensions. But Brit wasn't exactly radiating sunshine as she made a post-dye-job outing to the Grand Star Jazz Club. She accessorized her airtight, off-the-shoulder black dress by wearing a glum expression on her surprisingly well-made-up face.

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Meanwhile, Brit may be forking over a hefty monthly check to ex-husband Kevin Federline, but he's apparently still tight with a buck. TMZ.com says the lately husky-boys-department-shopping K-Fed, who reportedly pulls in an estimated $20,000-plus-a-month in child support for Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2, didn't leave a tip after partying into the wee hours at the Hard Rock Hotel's Wasted Space nightclub in Las Vegas on Thursday. Even worse, Federline's supposed cocktail waitress stiffing came after he downed several free bottles of Grey Goose with girlfriend Victoria Prince and a passel of buddies. In his defense, perhaps he just couldn't find his wallet in the recesses of his baggy, saggy manpris. Either way, the former backup dancer may soon need to limit his imbibing, according to RadarOnline.com, which claims the powers-that-be on his forthcoming reality show have told him to lose 45 pounds over the course of filming. They've even hired a personal trainer to help him drop the extra baggage. "I put Kevin on a diet plan that consists of eating 6 meals a day, every three hours," explains trainer Chris Cormier. "It speeds up your body's metabolism and you start burning fat fast."

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Someone who's not trying to burn fat fast: Courtney Love, who recently admitted she's grown too twiggy. Now, the London Daily Mail claims the long-flailing rocker has been trying to improve her appearance by taking a human growth hormone. "Courtney has been struggling with her weight," a mole maintains to the tab. "She's been using the hormones to help her gain muscle and for anti-ageing and likes the results. But she's not very discreet. She even left a vial of it in her LA hotel room." The official word from Love's rep is that he's not aware that she's ingesting any growth hormones, human or otherwise.

Mischa Barton is doing her best to convince everyone that she's bounced back in record time from her recent trip to the psych ward. "I'm feeling great! I'm really happy," the issues-plagued starlet enthused to OK! magazine as she hit a shindig Sunday night in New York. Mischa, who seemed to be clinging to some sense of normalcy by donning one of her trademark fashion disasters (in this case, a stringy, suctioned-on cutout black minidress), added that filming on her CW series, "The Beautiful Life," is "going really well ... I'm excited."

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Does Naomi Campbell need an anger management refresher course? The temperamental, phone-flinging-disposed supermodel is denying reports that she lost her famous temper on a paparazzo while vacationing in Sicily with her Russian moneybags beau, Vladimir Doronin. "Media reports circulating that Naomi Campbell attacked a photographer in Lipari, Sicily, are completely untrue," insists her rep (via the London Daily Mail). "The photographer was seen following Naomi Campbell on a small boat, taking photographs, the day after the alleged incident." The lensman in question, Gaetano Di Giovanni, alleges the leggy catwalker bared her claws by clocking him with her purse and scratching his left eye. "First she hit with her bag, screaming at me and then she tried to slap me. I managed to avoid her -- but her nails still got my eye," he maintained to an Italian newspaper. "For a few seconds, I could not see a thing. I could hear that her bodyguards and her boyfriend were trying to drag her away." Police say no report has yet been filed against Naomi.

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