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Now we know where Eminem is getting the energy to fuel his increasingly nasty feud with Mariah Carey. The London Daily Mirror says the rapper, who's out promoting his comeback album, "Relapse," has traded in his saturated fat-soaked diet for one heavy on veggies. "He used to live off fried chicken, fries, burgers and his real favorite, drumsticks," says a source of the so-called "Slimmer Shady." "Now he's eating only grilled meats and fish, fruit and [vegetables], but no refined carbs." The insider adds that Em's concert rider reflects his healthier lifestyle, with his backstage requests now including such fare as skinless roast chickens, trays of raw veggies (cucumbers, cauliflower and carrots are preferred) and bottled water (he's reportedly nixed liquor). "A year ago Marshall took up running, too," adds the snitch. "He's seriously into his fitness and has got a six-pack to be proud of."

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Speaking of six-packs, that's apparently one of the many items Jay-Z wanted when he performed last month at the University of Arizona. The Smoking Gun reports the music mogul pocketed $750,000 for the gig but still had a laundry list of special requests, including two six-packs of Sapporo beer, bottles of vodka, tequila, wine and Armand de Brignac champagne (price: about $300 a pop), plus a martini shaker, a dozen shot glasses, "good quality" peanut butter and grape jelly and a pack of Marlboro Lights. Jay-Z also asked to be chauffeured around in a "late model" black Maybach (purchase price: about $400,000), which, along with the booze and smokes, the college declined to provide. He did, however, get his PB&J.

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If you're anything like us, you impatiently count down the hours until Gwyneth Paltrow's latest GOOP newsletter lands in your inbox, eager for lifestyle tips from a woman who once said she "can't pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year." The latest edition is actually kinda fun, with the actress-cum-inner-aspect-nourisher tapping several of her music-minded pals, including DJ AM and Samantha Ronson, for song suggestions for "a spring dance party" mix. Gwyneth also offers up her picks, which, not surprisingly, includes a tune from hubby Chris Martin's band Coldplay. And lest you think she doesn't know how to poke fun at herself, her list comes with the following caveat: "Gwyneth Paltrow is not a music expert but is an avid listener and knows how to get down."

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Paris Hilton believes she's been the victim of a bad practical yolk. The starlet is declaring her innocence following an egging incident earlier this week that targeted several high-end vehicles in boyfriend Doug Reinhardt's neighborhood. Neighbors reportedly called the cops over the noise emanating from a get-together at his house, leading fingers to point in Paris' general direction after the discovery of their sticky, shell-covered cars. "I had nothing to do with this," Hilton insists to "We were at Doug's new house on Monday night, and there were several friends of Doug's playing poker inside. There is no food in the house, the sound system isn't even hooked up yet. I would never egg anyone's car, especially to my boyfriend and sister's neighbors [little sis Nicky lives nearby]. My blue Bentley was egged, and so was Nicky's Ranger Rover."

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