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Are we the only ones annoyed by how the tabloids constantly accuse female stars of clinginess? The label has not only been repeatedly -- and we believe unfairly -- slapped on Jennifer Aniston, but now Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz have also fallen victim. The New York Post says Kate is "already" following around rumored new beau Alex Rodriguez, supposedly bunking with him at a Dallas hotel on Wednesday after the New York Yankees took on the Texas Rangers. Diaz, for her part, is targeted by this week's Star, which, in an item titled "Too Much, Too Soon," contends her "clinginess" is "already" driving away Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine, whom she was snapped lunching with a few days back. "When Cameron likes someone, she smothers him," a so-called "friend" potshots to the tab. "She and Adam have only had a few dates, but she's constantly calling and texting him."

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In other chatter from the romance rumor mill, has Hollywood taken a rolled-up newspaper and swatted down a budding case of puppy love? That's the word from, which says "Twilight" up-and-comer Taylor Lautner is no longer seeing squeaky-clean Disney starlet Selena Gomez. Although the two have recently been photographed looking adorably affectionate in Vancouver, B.C., where he was filming "New Moon" and she's been working on "Ramona and Beezus," he allegedly called things off without so much as a text message last week after being advised by his dad and studio execs to stay single and focus on his burgeoning career. If true, there's potential awkwardness ahead: Both are scheduled to attend the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

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Meanwhile, moving on to some non-tween-depressing news . . . When you're on a continent-crossing concert tour, a day off must be a real treat. For Pink, it was an opportunity to treat some of her littlest fans. On Thursday, the popster spent time visiting with patients at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. "I am very rarely speechless, but that was one of those moments," she tells the Herald-Sun. "The kids are so sweet and so strong." Joining Pink on the meet-and-greet was hubby Carey Hart, whom she reconciled with a few months back. She was probably glad to have the support. "It's a nice thing to do, but it's really hard, really intense," she admits. "It's a totally humbling experience. I was a really sick kid, I grew up in the hospital, but not for the same reasons as these kids." Pink, who earlier this year donated $250,000 to help communities devastated by the Australian bushfires, said her favorite part of the pop-by was "walking into the room and seeing the outspoken kid, the crazy one. I hope the kids enjoy it, too."

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On the other end of the celebrity altruism spectrum, there's Lindsay Lohan, who can't even seem to help herself these days. On Wednesday, the weedy starlet's white Maserati -- the one on loan from a porn tycoon -- was towed away from outside the Los Angeles digs of her sometime squeeze, Samantha Ronson. Seems she left it parked in a red zone. Now, a sensible person, upon learning that their $115,000 ride had been towed, would search the couch cushions for cash to pay the fines and then make a beeline for the impound lot. But Lindsay and common sense continue their long estrangement, and she instead opted to rent a car. But not just any car -- a chauffeur-driven, $450,000 Rolls Royce Phantom, which reportedly took her to traffic school.

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