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Rachel Zoe used to think long and hard about what she was going to wear before stepping out in public, let alone a red carpet event. It's funny what children will do to you.

Wearing a Viktor and Rolf jumpsuit at the Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Jan. 22, the fashion queen said her outfit was far from planned.

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"I literally chose this three minutes before we left," she said, while still managing to look beautifully stylish. "I just wanted to be comfortable and easy."

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Though her two children, Skyler and Kai are 3 and 1, respectively, "The Rachel Zoe Project" star still struggles to find a balance between work and motherhood.

"I'll be honest," she said. "Every single day is a challenge. There's no master plan, there's no scientific logic behind it. You just go with it and you take each day as it comes."

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Right now it's especially difficult since she's figuring out her pre-fall fashion plan.

"The pre-fall just showed so now I want everything they're showing for pre-fall," she said. "My LDB is actually a LBJ (little black jumpsuit). I've been collecting them since I was 13. It's an all-in-one and it's just easy. It's kind of like wearing glamorous pajamas in a way. I've really been wearing them since I was 9 years old on roller skates."