LuAnn de Lesseps' love life was at the center of the debate on part two of the Real Housewives of New York City fifth season reunion special Monday on Bravo. 

In her exclusive Us Weekly blog, Ramona Singer gives an update on how she is getting along with the girls after season ended, and shares her regrets of discussing Lesseps' rumored affair in St. Barths.

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What a season we had! It was full of ups and downs and plenty of surprises.

I didn't like Heather [Thomson] in the beginning and now I do! I adored Aviva [Drescher] initially, now I stay as far away as possible from her. Carole [Radziwill] is a unique person, different from any friend I have ever had. I enjoy and embrace her.

Sonja [Morgan], there is not enough I can say about her. She brings so much joy, laughter and sincerity into my life. I truly love her like a sister. There is nothing I would not do for her.

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I, for one, am happy I am in a better place with LuAnn. The reunion can be a tough place. We are asked so many questions and put on the spot. When Andy [Cohen] asked me about LuAnn and what happened in St. Barths, I answered in my usual unfiltered way. It clearly made LuAnn uncomfortable and she began to scramble to deflect the attention. This is why I apologized as quickly as I could, even though it was too late. LuAnn's personal relationships are not my business and I should not have commented. I'm glad to be in such a positive place with her after what we have gone through and hope to stay there.

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I truly wish all the women the best and thank them all for a great season five!

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