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Rapper Riff Raff is carrying around a bit more muscle in those Jordans … Or should we say those "JAWWDiNZ."

Once a somewhat scrawny rapper, Riff Raff recently unveiled his tremendous intentional weight gain on social media, showing him with a fuller, more muscular body. He looks unrecognizable from his former self.

"170 TO 225 POUNDS," he captioned a before and after picture he posted to Twitter.

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Aside from hard work and maintaining a rigorous diet, the weight gain can also be accredited to the "TiP TOE WiNG iN MY JAWWDiNZ" rapper's famous trainer: Professional wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. The partnership is not by accident, either, as Riff Raff has stated that he is hoping to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

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"Can't wait to start training with my new partner @JODYHiGHROLLER !!! Hulkamania is going NEON brother! HH," the Hulkster tweeted in late 2014 as the two embarked on their partnership.

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Riff Raff's weight gain process has also captured the attention of VICE, who is posted a mini-documentary on the the rapper-turned-wrestler.

"Every day I'm gaining weight," he said in the documentary. "By this time next year, I want to be 250."

Aside from being a rapper, Riff Raff is also known for being friends with Katy Perry -- whom he attended the 2014 VMA's with -- and for being James Franco's inspiration for his character in "Spring Breakers."