LOS ANGELES (AP) — Reactions to the 70th annual Golden Globe Awards nominations, announced Thursday in Beverly Hills, Calif.:

— "Don't ask me what I'm gonna wear. I don't know. I'll throw up." — Helen Hunt on getting dressed for the ceremony, where she's nominated for supporting actress for "The Sessions."

— "I'm celebrating by not doing a darn thing. That's my way of celebrating right now. ... My whole day is really about Christmas and packing up stuff and not much more than that, which believe me, with kids and grandkids and all of that is plenty." — Sally Field, on how she plans to celebrate her supporting-actress nomination for "Lincoln."

— "This is a good way to wake up." — Max Greenfield, who was awakened early Thursday with news that he was nominated for his supporting role on TV's "New Girl."

— "It actually proves to be quite humorous sometimes because it will get to a point where people have had one too many cocktails and go up for an acceptance speech, and it ends up being very interesting." Hayden Panettiere, nominated for her supporting role on TV's "Nashville," on why the Golden Globes are her favorite awards show.

— "Quietly, but we cheered." — "Life of Pi" composer Mychael Danna, who is fighting the flu along with his wife but on the mend after learning about his first Golden Globe nomination for the film's score.

— "I'm in a van on my way to Queens to do '30 Rock.' I heard the news this morning right before yoga. I was just about to shut off my phone. Unfortunately, I knew the nominations were being announced, so I was worried." — Julianne Moore, nominated for her lead performance in the TV movie "Game Change."

— "We'll have cheers and lots of high fives and maybe toss around some haggis and maybe drink some Scotch." ''Brave" director Mark Andrews on celebrating the film's animated feature nomination.


AP Entertainment Writers Sandy Cohen, Derrik J. Lang and Anthony McCartney contributed to this report.