NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A full trash bag carved from marble and a folding chair with a shoulder-high seat are among the reality-challenging exhibits that will be on display the next couple of months at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Also among the exhibits are Thomas Demand's video "Rain/Regen," which creates the illusion of rain with 7,800 stop-action frames of cellophane candy wrappers and the sound of frying eggs. A 1950s-style folding table is big enough for Abraham Lincoln to walk beneath, while a nearby pair of elevators has operating doors 8 inches high — 3 ½ inches shorter than Barbie.

Miranda Lash, the museum's curator of modern and contemporary art, says the exhibits question what it means when images and objects don't tell the truth. She says it's an especially relevant question in an age of Photoshop.